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From championship teams to thriving businesses, motivational speaker and high performance consultant Humphrey Walters helps you achieve optimal leadership and teamwork in your organisation.

Humphrey walters

Successful sportsman and author who has completed “the world’s toughest round the world yacht race”

Humphrey has been developing High Performing teams and leaders for the last 30 years. He specialises in developing winning teams and leaders ranging from championship teams and major corporations, to schools, Government departments and Industry and professional bodies.

Humphrey is unique in that to study teamship and attitudes in a hostile environment; he spent 11 months in a force 10 gale doing the BT Global Challenge – a yacht race sailing the wrong way round the world. He is also very involved in sports and helped the World Cup winning England Rugby Team with their team development. More recently he was involved in helping JCB break the world land speed record in a car with two digger engines.

Humphrey Walters illustrates inspirational and practical examples and how to apply critical lessons in your business or professional environment.

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Unlock your potential with Humphrey’s personal development services, including inspiring presentations, leadership excellence in challenging environments, and bespoke executive coaching sessions.

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Experience the unforgettable with inspiring organisational events, such as an immersive journey to Normandy to reflect on the historic D-Day landings.