The Little Book of Winning

A pocket book, to share with colleagues, as a reminder of how to win in a tough environment. We all need prompts and a catalyst to start, or continue, things that make a difference. “Inches make a champion.”

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The Little Book of Nutrition

Diet has a crucial role to play in energy levels and general well being. In sport a good diet won’t make a mediocre player into a good player but a poor diet will make a good player into a mediocre one. This is also true in our daily lives. This is not a dieting book its about simple discipline.

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Remembering D-Day

This coffee table sized book covers the D-Day landings with an illustrated guide to the greatest logistical feat in history. It discusses the leadership and tactical element which started the end of World War 2. The book is available with bespoke cover and insert pages, for organisations who complete the trip to Normandy.

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Motivational Speaker Reel

Top leadership and teamwork expert Humphrey Walters chose the world’s toughest yacht race to test his management theories to destruction. He also worked with the England rugby team when they won the World Cup.

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